Pitch to Shift

Until November 2020, we’re accepting pitches from Greater Houston-area folks ages 14 - 24 that respond to the following prompt:

How has the COVID-19 pandemic shown the strengths and/or vulnerabilities of your community?

Feel free to define community any way you see fit.

We value collaboration. Every person with an accepted pitch:

  • Attends one our group ideation sessions, and
  • Works 1-on-1 with a Shift Press editor

More to know:

  • We love reading your ideas.
  • Whether it’s published here, written on a napkin, mailed to your sweetheart, or locked away for only your eyes to see, your story has power.
  • We are not open to publishing previously published works. However, you're welcome to submit full-length, previously unpublished articles.
  • We aim to respond to pitches within two weeks. We are currently unable to promise expedited responses for time-sensitive submissions.