Frequently Asked Questions

How many fellows will be accepted?

Eight. We have another large-admit, paid opportunity that will be released soon, so be sure to follow our social media accounts to stay tuned.

Is this fellowship a virtual experience or an in-person one?

The fellowship is 100% virtual and we will provide necessary resources to admitted fellows on a need basis.

If I recently graduated from high school, am I eligible?

The fellowship is not open to recent high school graduates.

May I send any of the following items: resume, class ranking, letter(s) of recommendation, my GPA?

No. We will not take those items into consideration while evaluating your application, so please do not send anything outside of the information requested in the application.

I’m having trouble submitting my application. What do I do?

Send a very descriptive email to! We will troubleshoot with you.

May folks who are undocumented apply?


I submitted my application, what now?

All applicants will be notified of their application status by July 30, 2020 at the latest.

May I receive course credit for this?

We will not participate in helping individuals attain course credit.

The applications says that the 25-hour requirement will be relaxed during the school year. I’m wondering, how relaxed will it be?

You are correct, the weeks prior to most school start days will include a 25 hour per week engagement requirement. When schools start, the fellowship team will significantly alter and/or reduce the required time of engagement.

While we cannot provide you with an exact alternate time requirement, as it is dependent on several factors, do know we highly prioritize flexibility in the Shift Press space.We will not participate in helping individuals attain course credit.

May I receive an extension on my application?

No extensions will be given.

Still have questions? Email us at